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Re: com(4) dialout device behavior change?

On Sun, 14 Apr 2019, John D. Baker wrote:

> As a sanity check, I booted -current GENERIC rather than the machine's
> custom kernel and the serial port works fine (although I'm still using
> the rewired adapter with RTS/CTS looped).  Rebooting with the custom
> kernel and it sends (because CTS is asserted), but doesn't receive.
> So it appears my kernel paring has elided something that is now
> necessary.

Turns out there's something wrong with the:

  com* at acpi?


This is normally commented out in GENERIC and the

  comN at isa?

attachments are used.

Since I have systems that reported UAR resources at ACPI, my habit has
been to enable the "com* at acpi?" attachment and disable the "comN at isa?"

I reverted these in my custom kernel config and my serial ports work
normally again (still need to revert the RTS/CTS loop in the adapter
to know for sure).

So one of the ACPI subsystem updates since netbsd-8 was branched may
have brought this on.  Will have to check the logs and bisect.

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