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Re: "bootinfo too big" netbooting amd64-8.0_BETA?

On Sun, 28 Jan 2018, Paul Goyette wrote:

> Noting that there are lots of duplicate entries being added to the
> bootinfo list, I'd suspect it could be optimized.  But again, I don't
> know enough about the boot code to have any confidence in making any
> changes.

Just to check, using the "noisy" "/boot", I dropped to the boot prompt
and issued "modules off" before booting (with "-c" so it would stop
early enough to read the output).  There were only 9 calls to "bi_add()".
Since the "rndseed" feature is treated as a module, it didn't load the
entropy file either.

So, each module (and "rndseed /path/to/entropy-file") adds 4 calls to
"bi_add()"--a pair of type 3/10 (4/0 for netboot) right after the kernel
is loaded and another pair of 3/10 (4/0 for netboot) just before each
module or the entropy-file is loaded.

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