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Re: "bootinfo too big" netbooting amd64-8.0_BETA?

On Sat, 27 Jan 2018, John D. Baker wrote:

What are all those calls with type 4 and type 0 that preceed the first
module load message?  The pair immediately before each message seems to
correspond with the module being loaded, but there are as many before
that as there are modules to be loaded.  That seems suspicious to me.

Type 0 is BTINFO_BOOTPATH and type 4 in BTINFO_NETIF. Seems like we are unnecessarily replicating the path info for each module. (I would expect that you would need only one BTINFO_NETIF regardless of how many things you need to load. But I don't know enough about the boot code, especially not about the net-boot stuff to suggest any changes here.)

I double-checked my amd64/i386 kernels and none elide "options
SCSIVERBOSE", so that module is built in courtesy of the included GENERIC
config.  Thus for me the quick fix is to not load the scsiverbose module
via the bootloader.  I have updated the relevant "boot.cfg" files

No problem.  I committed the change for 32 --> 64 entries.

I'm glad that you're back up-and-running.

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