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Re: Intel HD Graphics 3000 support/getting started

Just to expand a little, I've the same built in graphics and my screen
should do 720p, so this is what I did:

- I tried 6.1.5 and, like you, found it couldn't do 720p; yes painful
I did notice, though, that while Xorg was loading the correct driver,
it wasn't detecting that the screen could do 720p.  That could be
kernel,  that could be Xorg, and that could be both (I'd tend towards
kernel though as I know Linux has been able to do 720p on this laptop
for several years)

- I next tried 7.x beta
I noticed that the Xorg driver had been updated (tech-x11@ suggests
early this year), but still no 720p, grrr

- finally, I started looking at current, always first the kernel
Pop, 720p at last (but per kern/49368 need to turn off acceleration)

So like Greg Troxel described - I'm running a userland from the
netbsd-7 branch and a kernel from current.

I guess that gives you two options:
- like I suggested boot a current kernel and see what happens (don't
override /netbsd though); no luck then ...
- install netbsd-7 beta and then add a current kernel

On 22 November 2014 at 04:23, William D. Jones <> wrote:
> With my current userland, the hardware is detected by Xorg, but Xorg falls
> back to using the VESA driver. The only resolution available there is
> 1024x768... on a widescreen monitor. It's not a pleasant experience. Am I
> supposed to be getting more resolutions with the current Intel Xorg driver?
> Using xrandr to set them doesn't work either- I get errors trying to program
> the CRTC (don't remember the errors specifically offhand).
> In essence, the 6.1.5 kernel and X server both WORK on my hardware, just
> that I'd be hard pressed to get any work done on it.
> Also 7-beta userland with a current kernel? Is there a tar.gz file of a
> "stable" 7-beta userland (one that will not be changing daily) available on
> the FTP server?

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