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Re: Intel HD Graphics 3000 support/getting started

With my current userland, the hardware is detected by Xorg, but Xorg falls back to using the VESA driver. The only resolution available there is 1024x768... on a widescreen monitor. It's not a pleasant experience. Am I supposed to be getting more resolutions with the current Intel Xorg driver? Using xrandr to set them doesn't work either- I get errors trying to program the CRTC (don't remember the errors specifically offhand).

In essence, the 6.1.5 kernel and X server both WORK on my hardware, just that I'd be hard pressed to get any work done on it.

Also 7-beta userland with a current kernel? Is there a tar.gz file of a "stable" 7-beta userland (one that will not be changing daily) available on the FTP server?

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Subject: Re: Intel HD Graphics 3000 support/getting started

What happens if you boot a current kernel (with your 6.1.5 userland)?
It can't be worse, and if it works and doesn't crash, would provide a
useful data point for kern/49368

Otherwise, I know a 7-beta userland with a current kernel do work for
that hardware.

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