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Re: Intel HD Graphics 3000 support/getting started

"William D. Jones" <> writes:

> Also 7-beta userland with a current kernel? Is there a tar.gz file of
> a "stable" 7-beta userland (one that will not be changing daily)
> available on the FTP server?

7-beta really refers to the "netbsd-7" branch, which probably
self-labels 7.0_BETA.  For a brief shining moment at some point in the
future, it will be labeled 7.0_RELEASE, and then 7.0_STABLE.  But really
it's changing quite slowly and there are not known reasons to prefer any
particular day's build, except that later is better because we try to
fix more bugs than we introduce :-)

So if you want to try the netbsd-7 route, I'd suggest (after a backup)
to just update to a netbsd-7 build, either from the servers or that you
build yourself (see pkgsrc/sysutils/etcmanage and BUILD-NetBSD for a
commented example of my preferred approach, although it's a very thin
wrapper around to point obj/release/dest dirs to keep me sane
when I have builds of 4 branches and 3 arches).

Then, when you have a stable netbsd-7 system, put that kernel as
/netbsd.ok and boot a current kernel (perhaps manually as "boot

I'm not sure I follow your concern about "changing daily" with the
netbsd-7 snapshot.  Is that about comparing test results to others?

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