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Increasing FreeBSD compatibility in mtree

I am planning to import NetBSD's mtree into FreeBSD largely for the -C
and -N.  I plan to follow up with an import of install and integration
into our installworld process.

To make that practical I need to keep the new mtree as compatible at
the script and output level as possible, especially since I've had a
request to merge the new version to current release branches.  I've
implemented all the missing features and made some FreeBSD specific
default changes.  I am hoping the NetBSD community will consider
accepting many or most of them to increase commonality and decrease
maintenance work.

I've posted a set of 13 patches from 19 commits to my FreeBSD web space:

If it would be preferred I post them in another manner let me know, I
didn't want to drop that many patches on the list without warning.
A few are concatenated svn diff output and may not apply cleanly.  If
you want any regenerated from a clean tree let me know.  I tried to keep
changes separated but didn't entirely succeed.

With these patches, I believe the only change to existing behavior on a
NetBSD system is that both gname and gid or uname and uid can be output
when requested.  If these patches are generally acceptable, I would like
to suggest one further change of renaming NetBSD's -i option to
something else, making the behavior of -i depend on the target OS, and
deprecating -i to allow me to essentially do the same with FreeBSD's -i
option (implemented as -j in 05-4space-indent-r240756-r240765.diff).

-- Brooks

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