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Re: Increasing FreeBSD compatibility in mtree


> the script and output level as possible, especially since I've had a
> request to merge the new version to current release branches.  I've
> implemented all the missing features and made some FreeBSD specific
> default changes.  I am hoping the NetBSD community will consider
> accepting many or most of them to increase commonality and decrease
> maintenance work.

just two things I saw having a short look:
 * 00-basic-build-r240706.diff - wouldn't it be easier to implement sha384
   in FreeBSD instead of adding ifndefs? Especially since the disctinction
   is not taken anywhere else.
 * 01-ripemd160-r240746-r240766-r240795.diff - where do you define MD5KEY,
   etc.? Maybe we could do that the same way.

Regards, Julian

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