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Re: Importing tmux into base

> We could strip the base install down to something that even mouse
> would run -current.  :-)

Heh.  First, get rid of GPLv3.  (I've tried to read it and failed to
understand it, to the point where others have pointed out aspects of it
I completely missed.  That makes it unusable for me.  Even if TNF has
done better than I on that score, I would be the one on the putative
copyright-infringement hook, so that doesn't matter.)

Actually, aside from the GPLv3, the reasons I don't run current all
seem to be aspects of "NetBSD is headed in directions I am not
interested in going".  (I'm still here mainly because, as much worse
for my niche as it's gotten, NetBSD still seems to be the best of a(n
increasingly) bad lot.)

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