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Re: Removing /usr/share/misc/operator? or operator(7)?

> Are we supposed to know all the manpages that are available
My point exactly. I didn't even suspect there was mdoc.samples(7), but I know
there's mdoc.template in misc.

> When would you find that information useful by itself without manpages
> installed?
When looking for the ASCII codes for SI and SO or when in doubt if those
parens are actually needed or not.

> In my opinion: kill the /usr/share/misc/operator file (as well as ascii 
> for the same reason).
operator and ascii aren't exactly documentation. share/misc seems like a
place for all odd bits which don't belong anywhere. Heck, there's even a list
of airports, ZIP codes, description of each flower's meaning and a guide to
KNF. What use is *that* one if you don't have the manpages installed to
consult sections 4 and 9? Why not knf(7)?
> Otherwise, I propose to dump plain-text copies of find(1), passwd(5) and
> X(7) into that directory as well -- they would follow the same principle
> right?
If you feel so inclined.

Kill operator if you wish, I'll keep local copies anyway.

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