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Re: Removing /usr/share/misc/operator? or operator(7)?

On Sun, 16 Jan 2011 11:09:33 +0100
Marc Balmer <> wrote:

> The information in the file usually found in
> /usr/share/misc/operator is duplicated in the
> operator(7) manual page.
> Either form could be removed. So what do
> you think?  Leave both versions?  Remove the file?
> Remove the man page?


Thats why:

$ grep '&&' /usr/share/misc/operator
&&                              left to right

Im pretty sad it was removed, as it's the same list as in the book K&R,
so we lost a piece of unix history with it. I know we still have the
manpage, but then we should remove the unfamiliar "you cant tune a
fish" line from tunefs because its redundant...

its a lucky charm

NetBSD - Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability

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