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Re: Removing /usr/share/misc/operator? or operator(7)?

On 01/16/11 11:14, wrote:
I think we should try to refrain from posting opinions without reasons, as
it rarely helps the original poster decide the correct answer. Bernd, why
do you think we should keep both copies?
Perhaps because you might not know there's operator(7) and are used to refer
to the file in /usr/share?

So? Would you know there is a /usr/share/misc/operator file when all the other documentation lives in manpages? Are we supposed to know all the manpages that are available and that operator is, for some weird reason, also found in /usr/share/misc?

Multiple sources of documentation are bound to duplication, staleness and will make information harder to find.

Because you haven't installed the man pages?

You've got a point, but how it does apply to this case? When would you find that information useful by itself without manpages installed? There is no explanation of the C language in that directory after all.

In my opinion: kill the /usr/share/misc/operator file (as well as ascii for the same reason). Otherwise, I propose to dump plain-text copies of find(1), passwd(5) and X(7) into that directory as well -- they would follow the same principle right?

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