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Re: Adding the "links" text mode web browser to the base system

>>> w3m is integrated further into Emacs,
>>> links is a leaf package.
>>> One more point in favour of w3m.
>> Another point in favour of links, actually; it means it's usable
>> without having to install another ton of cr...ud I have no other use
>> for.
> It means quite the opposite:

Links _isn't_ usable without installing a pile of other stuff?  How do
you get from "w3m is integrated into [other program]; links isn't" to

> It would be better, if you'd learn to test programs before you start
> expressing your prejudices.

What makes you think I didn't?  (Not that I'm saying I did, either.  I
just don't see anything to justify that apparent assumption on your

> As for text editor flamewar, it's you provoking it.

Text editor flamewar?  I have no interest in turning this into a
flamewar about editors.  At the very most, I could see discussing
integrating w3m - or links, or whatever - into various editors, but I
really see my comments as applying much the same as if you'd said it
were more integrated into perl, or any other large chunk of external

Or is it my reminder that "Emacs" is not a single thing that you see as

> Unfortunatly, Emacs, of any of the two existing branches, is the only
> usable text editor originating (to some extent) from Unix rather than
> DOS-Windows tradition.

> [...] want to use sane tools which vi is not.  [...]

"Usable"?  "Sane"?  Now it's you that's throwing out the flamebait.

Note I haven't said what my editor of choice is.  Nor does it matter;
the problem is not one of integration into Emacs qua Emacs (regardless
of variant), nor into something I do or don't like, but one of
integration into another large external piece of software.  (My
phrasing actually applies only when the large external piece of
software is one I don't have any particular use for on some substantial
fraction of my systems, but the point actually does not depend on
that.)  It might be relevant to discuss integration into something else
already in base, but that's not what I thought was going on.

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