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Re: Adding the "links" text mode web browser to the base system

> And, what I meant by "more natural" is [select] the referenced page
> and display it directly, rather than being stuck with the awful
> workflow we currently have: quit the viewer currently running and
> start a new viewer for the referenced page you want to read -

You don't have to quit it - unless your shell doesn't do job control, I
suppose.  And with an all-in-one reader, there's the question of how to
manage multiple pages; you're stuck with what the all-in-one tool gives
you, rather than managing them the same way you manage other programs
you're not paying attention to right now (your shell's non-foreground
job list, whatever form it takes).  And quit it by mistake and you lose
them all.

Not that I want to portray it as nothing but problems; there _are_
advantages.  But it's not all rose petals and cushions, either.

And the current way has the property of working the same way as
manpages on everything else Unixy.  (I don't say "advantage" because
some would argue "copying the mistakes others made" outweighs the
benefits of uniformity.)

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