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Re: Adding the "links" text mode web browser to the base system


der Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost> writes:

>>>> w3m is integrated further into Emacs,
>>>> links is a leaf package.
>>>> One more point in favour of w3m.
>>> Another point in favour of links, actually; it means it's usable
>>> without having to install another ton of cr...ud I have no other use
>>> for.
>> It means quite the opposite:
> Links _isn't_ usable without installing a pile of other stuff?  How do
> you get from "w3m is integrated into [other program]; links isn't" to
> there?

I don't get from here to there. Reread this part and you'll see it.

This is just to mention, that w3m is still more useful than links
_even_ if you aren't convinced by usability arguments. Anyone who has
ever read your messages understands that you have your own understanding
of usability and human-machine interfaces. I understand that an argument
of embeddability and reusability may not convince you as well, but it is
worth a try at least.

>> It would be better, if you'd learn to test programs before you start
>> expressing your prejudices.
> What makes you think I didn't?  (Not that I'm saying I did, either.  I
> just don't see anything to justify that apparent assumption on your
> part.)

Because you don't make an impression of a fool, and I don't see other
probable explanation to why you wrote what you did.

I think I stop here, this has gone too far off topic.


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