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Re: Adding the "links" text mode web browser to the base system

> w3m correctly recognizes colour support and utilizes it,
> links renders everything in black-white-gray.

> w3m allows to move cursor across the text by familiar bindings
> (_both_, sane and vi ones), links moves focus from link to link.

> w3m supports pager "<pager> +<lineno> <file>" idiom,
> links does not.

> Three usability points in favour of w3m.

Actually, I would argue that the first two of those are points in
favour of links - which is really just emphasizing that, for a
user-interface tool, there is no single usability standard.

> w3m is integrated further into Emacs,
> links is a leaf package.

> One more point in favour of w3m.

Another point in favour of links, actually; it means it's usable
without having to install another ton of cr...ud I have no other use
for.  (I'm assuming you mean the GNU variant of Emacs; that seems to be
the one people who use "Emacs" without adjectives usually mean.)

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