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Re: Adding the "links" text mode web browser to the base system

On Nov 2, 2009, at 1:52 PM, der Mouse wrote:

> Natural?  To whom?  Joerg makes a good point, albeit indirectly:
> whatever "more natural" way you're imagining is not a property of the
> storage format but a property of the user interaction tool.  I have no
> trouble imagining a program that displayed catpages but allowed
> following cross-references as easily as, say, lynx allows following
> HTML links.

catpages have all of the markup removed ... who is to say what is a 
cross-reference in them?

Actual real manpages of course still have the .Xr's in them, but of course we 
don't render our man pages on the fly right now (and haven't for a long time).

And, what I meant by "more natural" is that you have the ability to actually 
select (I won't say "click" because anyone firmly stuck in terminal-land would 
be offended, I'm sure) the referenced page and display it directly, rather than 
being stuck with the awful workflow we currently have: quit the viewer 
currently running and start a new viewer for the referenced page you want to 
read - and hope the page you want to read has a reasonably easy to type name 
and that you don't have to disambiguate the section number!

-- thorpej

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