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Replacing window(1) with tmux

Hi List!

There was some discussion off-list recently about tmux. For those that haven't heard of it, it's a BSD licensed screen on steroids. I myself only heard of it yesterday so I don't know all the features it has over screen, but one very useful allowing tabbed sessions in a single terminal. I also find it easier to use than screen for scrolling, which aside from detaching, is the main use I have for things like this.

So we currently have window(1) which I have tried to use, but it lacks the important detach feature so I have as such discarded it.

It looks like OpenBSD and FreeBSD have imported tmux into their base systems and the upstream dev has become an OpenBSD dev and the code is quite easy to follow so I suggest we import it to.

The only issue is that tmux currently requires ncurses, but it only uses it for obtaining terminal capabilities. I've prepared a small patch to convert it to using termcap instead that applies againts pkgsrc -current here [1]. I've sent a similar patch upstream.

As I'm a relatively new tmux user and I don't really use advanved features of screen, I'll leave it to others to say if what the pros of tmux vs screen are, but one pro or tmux is that I can read the documentation and source a lot easier than screen!

So I propose that once my patch is accepted upstream (or some form of it so that ncurses is not required) then we import it and remove window(1).





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