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Re: Replacing window(1) with tmux

Hi Roy,

I tried the tmux package from pkgsrc, and it looks neat, but both
with and without your patch it has a problem detecting terminal
UTF-8 capability.  The weird thing is, if I unset LC_CTYPE (which
is normally set to nl_BE.UTF-8), UTF-8 does work.

This has been fixed in their latest cvs version though (changelog
from May 19).

I for one would like to see this in base.


On Wed, Jun 03, 2009 at 11:48:08AM +0100, Roy Marples wrote:
> Hi List!
> There was some discussion off-list recently about tmux. For those that  
> haven't heard of it, it's a BSD licensed screen on steroids. I myself  
> only heard of it yesterday so I don't know all the features it has over  
> screen, but one very useful allowing tabbed sessions in a single  
> terminal. I also find it easier to use than screen for scrolling, which  
> aside from detaching, is the main use I have for things like this.
> So we currently have window(1) which I have tried to use, but it lacks  
> the important detach feature so I have as such discarded it.
> It looks like OpenBSD and FreeBSD have imported tmux into their base  
> systems and the upstream dev has become an OpenBSD dev and the code is  
> quite easy to follow so I suggest we import it to.
> The only issue is that tmux currently requires ncurses, but it only uses  
> it for obtaining terminal capabilities. I've prepared a small patch to  
> convert it to using termcap instead that applies againts pkgsrc -current  
> here [1]. I've sent a similar patch upstream.
> As I'm a relatively new tmux user and I don't really use advanved  
> features of screen, I'll leave it to others to say if what the pros of  
> tmux vs screen are, but one pro or tmux is that I can read the  
> documentation and source a lot easier than screen!
> So I propose that once my patch is accepted upstream (or some form of it  
> so that ncurses is not required) then we import it and remove window(1).
> Discuss!
> Thanks
> Roy
> [1]

Geert Hendrickx  -=-  -=-  PGP: 0xC4BB9E9F
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