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Re: preliminary version control requirements

Perry E. Metzger <> writes:

> Well, SVN has undergone several repository format changes, so it isn't
> quite true that the repository format can't be changed. I'd say better
> that "architecture matters", and that if something isn't currently
> implemented but is architecturally feasible you're better off than if
> it is flat out infeasible.

Just so people don't get the wrong idea about this :)

The repository format layer of Subversion is pluggable; 1.0
included only the slow, fragile Berkeley DB 4.0 backend.  1.1
included "FSFS", a faster and more robust backend that stores
revisions in flat files.  Just about each major release of
Subversion has included slight improvements to FSFS, but these
are optional.  The recently released Subversion 1.5 can still
read all versions of FSFS or BDB repositories, even back to 1.0.

Eric Gillespie <*>

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