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is the proof in the pudding?

It is difficult here for us to make a selection of a new version
control system based on reading and such. It is probably better to
learn by doing.

I'd like to suggest that someone set up a machine on which the current
NetBSD repository could be imported into most of the major modern
systems (SVN, git, hg, monotone, darcs, etc.) so that we can try them
all out. Nothing will be as informative as actual testing.

It would be best if the machine was pretty well equipped, and if all
the testing was done on the same machine (or identical configurations)
so we can get apples-to-apples comparisons on performance. (If that is
hard, it would probably be okay if benchmarking was done on identical
hardware at a later stage, but benchmarking on identical boxes will
become important.)


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