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Re: broken packages for 2012Q3

On 9/28/2012 10:26, David Holland wrote:
devel/stlport           severe C++ issues
I'm going to mark it broken and put it on my list to remove.


  >  I did fix it, here and here:
Those are different issues...

Granted, but the point is that tcl-expat was working for me as a result of the patches, which occurred after tcl85 upgrade. So either NetBSD had additional problems compared to DragonFly, or it broke again after those commits for an unknown reason. That's what I meant.

I don't see why -- it is broken on NetBSD now, if you hack in a fix
and the fix gets reverted, it will still be broken.

Here's why:
The added logic to handle is what broke it on all platforms. The logic was designed to detect which platforms generated that library, but it was faulty. As a result, it said NetBSD should be generating it when it wasn't (and it shouldn't generate on DragonFly when it was occurring). Simply removing the new makefile logic would restore the build on NetBSD. DragonFly wouldn't change either way.

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