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Re: broken packages for 2012Q3

On 9/27/2012 12:09, David Holland wrote:
here is a preliminary list, sorry it's been delayed this long...

(2) generic link issues
www/aws         rpath relative to WRKDIR

I believe I fixed this one months ago.  Can you confirm this one?

(3) update required (and available)
devel/stlport           severe C++ issues

This one seriously should be removed.
I've tried twice to update it to the latest version (5.3 or something like that) and it needs widespread patching on all platforms. Even 5.3 has been abandoned for 5 years, nothing uses it. IMO, it's not worth pursuing.

(4) tcl85 fallout

I recall fixing this when TCL was updated, it built for me on tcl85. Can you confirm?

(8) other
comms/asterisk10        PLIST divergence on
comms/asterisk18        PLIST divergence on

This can be fixed with a "gross hack" for NetBSD and DragonFly, but I fear the attempt to fix this will simply be reverted and DragonFly will be left broken for Q3.


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