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Re: broken packages for 2012Q3

On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 12:21:37PM +0200, John Marino wrote:
 > >here is a preliminary list, sorry it's been delayed this long...
 > >
 > >(2) generic link issues
 > >www/aws             rpath relative to WRKDIR
 > I believe I fixed this one months ago.  Can you confirm this one?

Yes, it is wokring.

I meant it when I said this was a preliminary list :-/  My notes have
gotten an entropy infestation.

 >      ------
 > >(3) update required (and available)
 > >devel/stlport               severe C++ issues
 > This one seriously should be removed.
 > I've tried twice to update it to the latest version (5.3 or
 > something like that) and it needs widespread patching on all
 > platforms.  Even 5.3 has been abandoned for 5 years, nothing uses
 > it.  IMO, it's not worth pursuing.

Someone led me to believe it was, actually, still maintained. If it
isn't, let's kill it.

 > >(4) tcl85 fallout
 > >textproc/tcl-expat
 > I recall fixing this when TCL was updated, it built for me on
 > tcl85. Can you confirm?

Yes, it is broken:

=> Checking for missing run-time search paths in tcl-expat-1.1nb6
ERROR: lib/tcl/TclExpat-1.1/ missing library:


 > >(8) other
 > >comms/asterisk10    PLIST divergence on
 > >comms/asterisk18    PLIST divergence on
 > This can be fixed with a "gross hack" for NetBSD and DragonFly, but
 > I fear the attempt to fix this will simply be reverted and
 > DragonFly will be left broken for Q3.

Right, with the various circumstances I think this is just going to be
broken. (Sigh.) It is broken on NetBSD as well as on dfly, btw.

David A. Holland

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