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broken packages for 2012Q3

here is a preliminary list, sorry it's been delayed this long...


(1) generic build failures
devel/elftoolchain      K&R-style functions
devel/opal              no longer likes h263 codec
emulators/aranym        with mpfr enabled, fails trying to use it
lang/mercury            generic build failure, may also/then crash during build
misc/root               used to fail on openssl; now failing on fpos_t first
net/omniNotify          LP64 build issue with C++ overloading [EASY]
net/openwbem            C++ issues
security/bitstir        generic build failure
security/isakmpd        generic build failure
security/lasso          probably broke on libxml2 update
security/sfs            C++ issues (nontrivial)
sysutils/gnome-commander        apparently broke on poppler
textproc/gdome2         broke on libxml2 update
textproc/ruby-libxml    broke on libxml2 update
www/ap2-xslt2           broke on libxml2 update
www/kdewebdev3          undefined reference to `docbParseFile' (libxml2?)
www/nvu                 C++ issues with freetype
x11/nucleo              broke on libxml2 update

(2) generic link issues
devel/swt               missing library
graphics/ruby-opengl    missing library (ruby18/19 only)
multimedia/ffplay       missing library,
sysutils/xentools41     rpath relative to WRKDIR
www/aws                 rpath relative to WRKDIR
www/paros               pile of missing libraries
x11/clisp-new-clx       missing library

(3) update required (and available)
devel/stlport           severe C++ issues
devel/xsd               boost::filesystem::path issues and/or PR 43691
games/pokerth           boost issues
lang/cint               C++ issues

(4) tcl85 fallout

(5) ffmpeg fallout
audio/akode-plugins-ffmpeg      ffmpeg issues
emulators/vice          ffmpeg issues
multimedia/dvdstyler    ffmpeg issues
multimedia/ffmpeg2theora        ffmpeg issues
multimedia/ffmpegthumbnailer    ffmpeg issues
multimedia/mlt          ffmpeg issues
multimedia/transcode    ffmpeg issues
multimedia/vlc10        ffmpeg issues
sysutils/k3b            ffmpeg issues

(6) boost
games/simgear           boost problems

(7) openssl
www/ap-ssl              openssl issues
www/pound               openssl problems (LHASH); update available

(8) other
comms/asterisk10        PLIST divergence on
comms/asterisk18        PLIST divergence on
devel/clisp-syscalls    lisp issues
devel/gnustep-base      GSXML.m:979: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
editors/mule            temacs segfault
editors/xemacs-current  temacs segfault (PR 35500) (***)
graphics/f-spot         No package 'flickrnet' found
ham/fldigi              missing 'backtrace' (probably similar to mpi-ch)
inputmethod/py-input-pad        multiple python versions (see pkgsrc-changes)
lang/pfe                plist divergence on docs
lang/racket             minor plist divergence
lang/smalltalk          missing 'backtrace' (probably similar to mpi-ch)
meta-pkgs/desktop-gnome needs both webkit-gtk and webkit-gtk3
meta-pkgs/gnome-devtools        needs both webkit-gtk and webkit-gtk3
misc/hanzim             install requires an X server
misc/molden             fortran issues
mbone/vic-devel         x264 codec problems, not sure where from
multimedia/vls          failing on "dvbpsi" codec
net/dcsharp             mono linking issues
net/microdc2            undefined reference to `utf8_to_main_string'
net/mppe-lkm            kernel header issues
parallel/mpi-ch         missing 'backtrace' (PR 46959)
print/ruby-prawn        syntax error (only ruby18 fails)
print/tex-bagpipetex    cannot open quickref.dvi
shells/static-ast-ksh   cannot find own executable at install time
sysutils/burn           invalid objc
sysutils/wipe           can't find DIOCGPART
sysutils/xenkernel3     variably modified ... at file scope
textproc/pxp            ocaml issues
wm/afterstep            plist divergence (PR 41965)
www/ruby-sinatra        unrecognized option `--encoding=UTF-8' (ruby18 only)
x11/grandr_applet       gnome issues
x11/openbsd-input-ws    doesn't work with current X server (PR 41585)
x11/qt4-creator         qdoc problems
x11/ruby-wxruby         ruby18- works, others fail (wrong swig version)

David A. Holland

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