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Re: missing patch comments should not be classified as an error

On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 09:11:22AM +0200, John Marino wrote:
 > >That is... not really a constructive attitude. If nothing else, please
 > >at least carry a local patch instead of not updating -- pkglint has
 > >been getting improved lately (for a change) and with any luck this
 > >will continue.
 > This is a bad change.

Others aren't. See PR 46570.

 > You said nobody would agree - basically
 > saying it wasn't worth discussing further which I find
 > "unconstructive".

Well, so far nobody has...

 > >(Also, what's the difference? As far as I can tell, when you run
 > >pkglint it just spews notices at you, and while some of them are
 > >tagged "error", any further consequences are up to the operator...)
 > If you actually believed that, you wouldn't have supported the
 > classification change of warning to error.  Both spew notices
 > leaving further consequences to operator, so a classification
 > change would therefore have no benefit.

I didn't say I supported it, I said there wasn't any reason to revert

David A. Holland

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