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Re: Any issue with upgrading lang/tcl to 8.5.12 ?

On 8/17/2012 08:52, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
John Marino<>  writes:

I already know lang/tcl-expect will not build on tcl 8.5, and
probably requires an update to the latest source (it's pretty

Yes, and this is hard blocker.

I have updated tcl-expect to 5.45 and it performs fine on the gcc testsuites. You can get package at the same place (the first two are repeated for convenience.)

I installed it on DragonFly, NetBSD, and OpenSolaris. It was a good thing I did because NetBSD's "strip" function didn't like the utility scripts and aborted their installation which explains why they were all stuck in the examples directory (which is not the default location). The easiest solution was to disable the strip flag.

I'm waiting on Benny's feedback to address the tk installation issue on MirBSD. I have an idea what it is, but I need the feedback to confirm.

I'll run a "delta" test on pbulk after the current bulk build completes, maybe tomorrow.


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