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Re: fixing bugs in packages

On Friday, at 16:46, Martin Husemann wrote:
| What I would like to see is targets for "build" and "install" that just
| ignore the .*_done files, don't create any of them either, and do the
| install straight to /usr/pkg, not touching anything in $PACKAGES nor
| /var/db/pkg/*. Maybe with prominent warning, and/or only available if

IMHO you're trying to use pkgsrc for a task it was not designed for: developing
code (or fixing bug, which is the same). pkgsrc is useful for managing
packages (i.e. code that works), not the source code itself.

All what you need it to install the dependencies with pkgsrc, and then work
directly with the source of the package you're trying to fix (without pkgsrc).

My typical workflow is:
% cd ~/src;
% tar xvzf package.tar.gz
% ./configure --prefix=~/tmp || cmake || whatever
% while bugs; do emacs; make install; test; rm ~/tmp; done
And only if !bugs create/edit/patch the package in pkgsrc

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