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Re: fixing bugs in packages

> HTF am I expected to hack at and fix bugs in stuff inside pkgsrc?
Are you talking about bugs in the pkgsrc Makefile or upstream bugs?

> Building things once is fairly easy, apart from remembering that
> 'make' installs all the packages except the one you want!
> So you need a 'make install' afterwards.
'make' is 'make build', so it builds and installs all dependencies and
then builds the package you're working on.

> Removing some random hidden files seems to help a bit.
'make clean' also helps.

> 'make reinstall' does some useful stuff - but complains that the
> package is already installed.
I usually do make deinstall; make clean; make install.

> then carefully deletes all your edits!
If you edit the pkgsrc Makefile, then it doesn't delete your edits.
If you edited things in the upstream package, prepare a patch (diff -u
from inside the work/foobar-47.11 directory) and put in into
$LOCALPATCHES/foo/bar/something. Or into patches/patchxy if it's not a
local issue.

> Surely this is all rather hopeless.
No, I don't think so.

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