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fixing bugs in packages

HTF am I expected to hack at and fix bugs in stuff inside pkgsrc?

There seem to be inordinate hurdles rammed in the way.

Building things once is fairly easy, apart from remembering that
'make' installs all the packages except the one you want!
So you need a 'make install' afterwards.

But there seem to be 3 hoops to leap through having edited a source file:
1) Getting the compiler to actually run
2) Getting the new package built
3) Getting the files copied into /usr/pkg
(I'll leave of (4) - managing to generate a patch)

Removing some random hidden files seems to help a bit.
Removing work/.build_done lets 'make' compile stuff.
'make reinstall' does some useful stuff - but complains that the
package is already installed.
'make update' copies the files into /usr/pkg - then carefully
deletes all your edits!

Surely this is all rather hopeless.


David Laight:

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