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Re: pkg-config-0.26

"OBATA Akio" <> writes:

> Ah, then, how about treat `-l' option same as `-s'.
>  -s (strict) option  check unsafe_depends_strict=YES
>  none (default) mode check unsafe_depends=YES
>  -l (loose) option   check unsafe_depends_loose=YES

Yes, that's exactly what I meant; sorry if I wasn't clear.

> Then user will be able to do `pkg_rolling-replace -ul' to update
> pakage with loose way.


> It will be improved after `make replace' will be changed to set
> unsafe_depends_loose=YES
> correctly, i.e. `pkg_rolling-replace -l' will be usable.

Yes - "pkg_rolling-replace -l" will then replace things that are knnown
to have ABI changes, but not mismatched.

(Of course, updating pkgsrc and doing pkg_rr without -u is always iffy,
because various packages expect that other packages have been updated or
have a dependency.)

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