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Re: pkg-config-0.26

"OBATA Akio" <> writes:

> Then, just fix most usable case `pkg_rolling-replace -u' first,

What it does isn't broken, and people rely on it, so I don't want to
change it.

> or implement `pkg_rolling-replace -l'.

But certainly that would be a good step.

> For first step of `pkg_rolling-replace -l', How about just replace version
> unmatched packages, not look at unsafe_depends=YES?
> Because ABI bump should already be taken care with recursive bump,
> so just replace those packages should be sufficient.
> If some packages are broken after `pkg_rolling-replace -l`, it means that
> missing bump of those packages are found, should be fixed.

That's a good point.  But, currently the unsafe_depends scheme works
even if one's source tree is not updated or all packages are not updated
together, or if you don't use -u.

The problem with our revbump scheme is that while the ABI change
provokes bumping PKGREVISION in depending packages, it doesn't increment
something in the package itself, so that one can say "these two binary
packages have an ABI bump between them" easily.
So maybe we just need an ABI serial number.

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