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Re: LICENSE questions

On Tue, 19 May 2009, Thomas Klausner wrote:

> Do you have suggestions how to encode when a piece of software says
> "use GPLv2 or later, at your option"?
> What do you suggest as criteria to decide if a random text is near
> enough to a BSD license? Especially with kind-of-BSD licenses I find
> it very hard to tell.

- allow redistribution in source and binary forms with or without 

- copies must include the copyright/permission notice, optionally list of 
  conditions, and optionally the disclaimer

- optionally may mention about name not being used for 
  endorsement/promotion without permission

- optionally may have advertising clause: advertising mentioning the 
  software must display acknowledgement

- must not add other limitations (like "fees")

We can't have multiple licenses defined for each BSD-like for pkgsrc. I 
have found over 100 different worded licenses just in our manual section 
8 (see my netbsd-docs email ).

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