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Re: LICENSE questions

  Do you have suggestions how to encode when a piece of software says
  "use GPLv2 or later, at your option"?

We can either

  A) add a license gnu-gpl-v2-or-later and point to that


  B) just say gnu-gpl-v2

I would go for B, and we can always move to A later.  The entire notion
of tags for free licenses is in my view a bit marginal, and I think we
should avoid inventing lots of work with no benefit.

Does anyone actually wish to put gnu-gpl-v3 in the list of licenses that
pkgsrc may build, and leave gnu-gpl-v2 out, and want pkgsrc to build
packages that are licensed gnu-gpl-v2-or-later?

I can see people wanting to have gnu-gpl-v2 in ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES but
not gnu-gpl-v3, but not the other way around.  But please speak up if
you really are configuring things that way.

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