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Re: LICENSE questions

And here's another one:
totem is gpl2, but has an exception clause:

> The Totem project hereby grants permission for non-GPL compatible
> GStreamer plugins to be used and distributed together with GStreamer and
> Totem. This permission is above and beyond the permissions granted by
> the GPL license by which Totem is covered. If you modify this code, you may
> extend this exception to your version of the code, but you are not obligated
> to do so. If you do not wish to do so, delete this exception statement from
> your version.
> Note that the src/backend/bacon-video-widget-xine.c file does not require such
> an exception as it does not link to GStreamer plugins.
> Note that the src/totem-subtitle-encoding.c file was relicensed to LGPL
> (see

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