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licensing fun

I count 563 files for all man8 manual pages plus a small set of man1 
commands which are for "system operation" (sbin or libexec).

They are made up of 287 different copyrights and licenses.

Stripping out copyrights, there are still around 109 different licenses.

That is after stripping out extra noise like unrelated credits, RCS IDs, 
miscellaneous comments, etc. and attempting to merge superfluous 
whitespace and to better format lines (simply for comparisons).

The differences are: slight wording, different clauses, different 
institutes/contributors/authors/etc in the disclaimer.

Later I may look closer to figure out if some of the 109 above are 
actually the same.

I am trying to figure out how to get all these included in a physical 
product (no computer media). If I use a very small font size and two 
columns per page, maybe I can fit them on 15 sheets of paper (both sides). 
I'd like to reduce this more.

What tools do you all use to figure out compliance with licenses?

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