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Re: up2date - something for NetBSD?

Hi Jeremy, hi list,

Will you abstract this so SQL is not needed?

not sure I understand the question. My fists experiments were done without an SQL backend, parsing / ordering were pretty fast on my devel-box (Athlon 1600+, 2GHz), but thinking about older architectures, I came to the thought that these operations could be very slow on a 8MB file (pkg_summary). So as pkg_dry now strongly depends on SQLite, I have no plans to abstract it. If this is an issue, it _could_ be done, as the database is only used to quickly fetch information and map them to SLISTs.

Have it check for available or wrong PROVIDES/REQUIRES shared libraries
as recorded in pkg_summary(5) before downloading packages? (Comparing
currently installed and upcoming updates/installs.)

Yes, that will definitely be implemented. Right now it only handles CONFLICTS and DEPENDS.

Have it check for available disk space as record in pkg_summary (SIZE_PKG
+ FILE_SIZE) before downloading packages? (If upgrading, subtracting old

Yes, that's part of the checks I have to implement as soon as the "heart" of the tool works correctly.

Be able to potentially use multiple package repositories (multiple

Hmmm, that's an interesting point, I hadn't thought about it. This can be easily be done by merging pkg_summaries in the database.

What does "dry" mean in your software name?

it's dry as "without pkgsrc" :)

How can I checkout the source? (I assume I can point some tool to that
URL, so I don't have to grab each file manually.)

cvs -d login
passwd: anoncvs
cvs -d co pkg_dry

Beware, the code is moving almost everyday (if not every hours sometimes), and many parts are still "for testing purpose only".

 nroff -mandoc /usr/pkgsrc/wip/pkg_get/files/pkg_get.1 | less

great !

Thanks a lot for your contribution


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