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Re: strong words about pkgsrc

"Larson, Timothy E." <> writes:

> I've been trying to get pkgsrc working properly on IRIX for some time
> now, without a whole lot of success.  I've asked around and found a
> couple guys that have used it pretty extensively over the years, and
> hoped I could get some tips to get me past the bumps.  The latest
> communication, though, had this to say about the state of pkgsrc. 
>>>> quote >>>
> To be honest, I've pretty much given up with pkgsrc/IRIX - it's just
> too much effort to maintain, mainly due to the hideous
> package-management system which uninstalls all dependencies on package
> upgrade.

This is wrong. There's a way to keep dependent packages. See 

> And if any one of these dependant packages needs a tweak in
> order to build, then you're suddenly in a whole world of pain. 

This is plainly wrong, better ability to tweak packages is the reason
why I use pkgsrc on FreeBSD.

> In addition, the packaging system has no qualms about removing a core
> system packages which are required even to reinstall the package
> itself (bash, for example). 

bash isn't core package. AFAIK it is so even on IRIX. But if that makes life
easier for you, you can mark it not for deletion (personal tweak).

> In addition, my *many* bug reports seem to have gone largely unheeded...
> whilst some of the developers are very keen on keeping their code
> platform-neutral, most just don't seem interested in maintaining support
> for a very low-visibility platform - and, to be honest, understandably so :(
> The other reason for this change of heart is that I got Gentoo's Portage
> up and running on IRIX and, for the most part, it runs like a dream :D

How does it manage tweaks mentioned above??

> What can be done to address concerns such as these?
> I know that there is some ongoing work regarding some of these issues,
> and that's a very good thing.  Is the problem mainly due to the availability
> of patch reviewers that have access to commit changes?

No PR -> no patch -> no testing -> no fix.

If you have enough resources, run bulk builds.


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