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Re: up2date - something for NetBSD?

pkgpm is incomplete, e.g. it doesn't download pkg_summary and doesn't do
actual install/upgrade of packages, currently it only shows differences
everything vs. everything. It also implement "registering" packages,
i.e. marking them as REALLY needed.

well I guess it's time for me to unveil the curtains :)

As Jeremy said, I'm actually working on an apt-get like tool, handling at least install, upgrade and delete. The tool, called pkg_dry, fetches pkg_summary(5) to build a SQLite database, containing packages list, dependencies, and -for now- a little subset of information like COMMENT and such. It uses pkg_info -Xa to generate a "local" pkg_summary(5). It is _not_ finished yet, so I rarely mentionned it, but I have now promising results as the engine seems to work correctly. I still have to implement some things, such as the installation itself ;)

Here is an example on how it works (I tried to mimic some of apt-get functions) :

[~/src/pkg_dry] time ./pkg_dry -u
processing local summary...
downloading summary...
processing remote summary...
updating database: 100%

real    0m12.376s
user    0m8.877s
sys     0m0.335s

[~/src/pkg_dry] ./pkg_dry -d eterm
direct dependencies for eterm

[~/src/pkg_dry] ./pkg_dry -f eterm
full dependency tree for eterm

[~/src/pkg_dry] ./pkg_dry -r jpeg
10 packages to delete: jasper netpbm tiff ImageMagick lcms netbsd-www xplanet libpuzzle gd jpeg
proceed ? [y/N]

[~/src/pkg_dry] ./pkg_dry -i gnome-terminal
nothing to upgrade.
38 packages to be installed: GConf lzo libcfg+ opencdk gnutls gnome-dirs gnome-vfs gnome2-dirs shared-mime-info gtk2+ atk libglade esound libgnome pciids libvolume_id hal-info usbids policykit libtasn1 hal libaudiofile gnome-keyring libIDL ORBit2 dbus dbus-glib libbonobo libart libbonoboui popt libgnomecanvas libgnomeui getopt startup-notification rarian vte gnome-terminal
proceed ? [y/N]

Anyone wanting to have a look at the source code can browse it here: but be warned that some parts are still temporary.

And of course, comments are always welcome.


Emile "iMil" Heitor <>                              
                     ASCII ribbon campaign ( )
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                                                                & vCards / \

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