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Re: up2date - something for NetBSD?

On Tue, 7 Apr 2009, iMil wrote:

> well I guess it's time for me to unveil the curtains :)
> As Jeremy said, I'm actually working on an apt-get like tool, handling at
> least install, upgrade and delete. The tool, called pkg_dry, fetches

Awesome news and great examples.

Will you abstract this so SQL is not needed?

Have it check for available or wrong PROVIDES/REQUIRES shared libraries 
as recorded in pkg_summary(5) before downloading packages? (Comparing 
currently installed and upcoming updates/installs.)

Have it check for available disk space as record in pkg_summary (SIZE_PKG 
+ FILE_SIZE) before downloading packages? (If upgrading, subtracting old 

I will add simple support for pkg_summary(5) to record changed 
PKGNAME (or changed PKGPATH).

Be able to potentially use multiple package repositories (multiple 

What does "dry" mean in your software name?

How can I checkout the source? (I assume I can point some tool to that 
URL, so I don't have to grab each file manually.)

Also please look at ideas in "available commands":

  nroff -mandoc /usr/pkgsrc/wip/pkg_get/files/pkg_get.1 | less

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