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Re: Solaris packages not working quite right

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
Re: +INSTALL/+DEINSTALL scripts: It should work well if you just prefix
the script with the few environmental variables export by pkg_add

The semantics aren't quite right though.

The PRE-INSTALL action in +INSTALL creates directories, which is strictly forbidden in SVR4 preinstall scripts. It looks as if we should be able to move the directory creation in to the POST-INSTALL action. I'm guessing that all directories need for the PLIST phase are created by the PLIST phase and so, I'm also guessing that the directories created in the PRE-INSTALL are only used by the file copies done in the POST-INSTALL action.

After looking at the documentation, these look like reasonable guesses.

I know it feels a bit odd to create directories after we install the bulk of the package files, but the PLIST really ought to be internally consistent. Does anyone have any objections to adopting this behaviour. It'll make the Solaris support a bit cleaner.

Lloyd Parkes
Systems Consultant
Open Systems
Ph: +64 4 890 2437

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