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Re: Solaris packages not working quite right

Alistair Crooks wrote:
The author of gensolpkg is a bozo, and did not do this properly when he
wrote gensolpkg.

And then some fool made a whole lot of updates to it, but hasn't submitted them back in. This place is full of idoits.

Although, in my defence, my employer isn't so keen to host the updated source code, and my home web server isn't reliable enough to do it either. I now have a proper hosting solution, so I can publish my work. Also, I think I'm now in a position to be the maintainer of gensolpkg.

The +INSTALL/+DEINSTALL scripts for pkgsrc look pretty good and close enough to the SVR4 package semantics that it won't take too much work to hang things together.

Lloyd Parkes
Systems Consultant
Open Systems
Ph: +64 4 890 2437

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