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Re: DESTDIR=full?

> (1) No "magic" is involved.  The tools just do exactly what you tell
> them to do, so the steps are very clear to both developers and users.
Is there any magic in saving permissions and ownerships in .tgz
and using it while real pkg_add?

IMHO DESTDIR should look like this (Ok, METALOG is not ideal... :),
explicit control for s[ug]id executable is a benefit).

- unprivileged build (already done)
- prefixed installation (partially done).
  This needs patching the packages not aware of DESTDIR.
- patching packages that use something hardcoded like
  install -o root... (partially done for UNPRIVILEGED support)
- specifying "unusual" permissions and ownerships
  somewhere in category/package (PLIST, for example).
- saving permissions and ownerships(XXX) in .tgz
  as a separate entity
- support in pkg_add for using/setting real permissions (XXX)
- support in pkg_add for NOT using XXX. See below.
- support for "fake" 'make depends' to not set real permission/ownership
  (see above). This is for unprivileged bulk builds.
- be happy :)

> I'm definitely open to different approaches to staged installations if
> you'd like to brainstorm other ideas on this list.
Another way is MUCH simplier:
- Always use UNPRIVILEGED for building packages
- Provide hooks for pkg_add and pkg_delete. Hooks are (user's!)
  programs that are called when a package is installed or deinstalled.
  Using these hooks user (user!) may set permission/ownership he wants
  or do anything else he wants.
  Some "standard" hooks as well as "standard" configuration files for them
  may be provided by pkgsrc.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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