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Re: DESTDIR=full?

In article <> Johnny wrote:
: Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
: >> One reason for this is that USE_DESTDIR=full works by overriding the
: >> file system permissions and nothing currently tags the permissions
: >> and ownership in the PLIST. This should be changed and one positive
: >> side effect is that auditing for s[ug]id binaries can be done much
: >> easier.  SPECIAL_PERMS is another workaround for that.
: > Ok, specifying permissions in PLIST or somewhere else may be better
: > than METALOG approach for a number of reasons.
: > 
: > Is format of pkgsrc packages documented somewhere?

: The format is described in the man pages for pkg_create(1), pkg_add(1) 
: and pkg_delete(1) and you can also find information in 
: pkgsrc/mk/flavor/pkg/  A lot of this is legacy from the 
: original FreeBSD pkg_install code -- we're still using largely the exact 
: same tar.gz archive format as 10 years ago.

  Please note: All these places should carry a big fat warning that
the package format is subject to change.  The package format is *not*
part of our documented and supported API.  If you bypass the package
tools to access information from packages directly, you must be
prepared to deal with the breakage if the format changes.

  If you need information you can't (easily) get via the package
tools, the tools should be enhanced to allow that.


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