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Can anybody explain what DESTDIR=full support is? Just a few details.
IMHO pkgsrc.txt describes it badly.

As far as I understand the same algorithm as in should be
used, i.e. METALOG should be created by 'install' program
(while packaging) where permissions are saved and 
should be "packed" to package.tgz.

This METALOG should then be used to assign real permissions
while actual package installation by pkg_add command.

This is how I see it and I expect DESTDIR=full means FULLY unprivilegged
building. But this doesn't work because real-package-install target
uses su-real-package-install which in turn tries to use SU_CMD.

It is ok if not all things are implemented yet (what exactly things
are missed).  But what PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT variable is for?  Why
should it be settable from package's Makefile?  The approach described
above (METALOG) doesn't need anything like this.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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