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Re: DESTDIR=full?

> One reason for this is that USE_DESTDIR=full works by overriding the
> file system permissions and nothing currently tags the permissions
> and ownership in the PLIST. This should be changed and one positive
> side effect is that auditing for s[ug]id binaries can be done much
> easier.  SPECIAL_PERMS is another workaround for that.
Ok, specifying permissions in PLIST or somewhere else may be better
than METALOG approach for a number of reasons.

Is format of pkgsrc packages documented somewhere?

 >> Unprivileged build and "prefixed" packaging is big step
 >> forward for pkgsrc but it is not enough.

> If all packages would be able to work with user-destdir, a bulk build
> can be easily done unprivileged. Testing the installation is important
> though and you will see a number of install scripts fail if they can't
> run as root.
Of course DESTDIR support in its current form is good _start_ for

I even tried to run partial _test_ bulk build
with USE_DESTDIR variable set.
Note that this was just a test. Not all things were done accurately.

But I hope to see pkgsrc ready for fully unprivileged bulk builds in
future (including 'make bin-install|package-install' and 'make depends'
phases). And... without need to set PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT
variable for each package, that is, without PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT
variable at all.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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