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Re: IPv6 and ND on tap(4)

Gert Doering <> writes:

>> I think there's a general notion in the specs that an autoconfigured
>> host is only allowed to have one interface.  
> Which is fine from the point of view "it shouldn't be acting as a router",
> but for the generic VPN case, this is too strict.

Not sure why you say "too strict".  An autoconfigured host sets the
default route from RAs.  With >=2 interfaces, the right behavior is
unclear.  So you simply configure addresses manually and a default route
(or run ripng in listen-only mode).

It's fine to disagree with this philosophy (and I'm sympathetic in
part), but if that's what the specs say, it seems proper for NetBSD to
implement it.  But definitely what you've observed is a bug.

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