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Re: IPv6 and ND on tap(4)

Is the prefix you are using on the tap different than the one on your
real interface?

ip6mode=autohost is supposed to, more or less, configure a system to
  accept router advertisements
  send router solicitations

I think there's a general notion in the specs that an autoconfigured
host is only allowed to have one interface.  But the kernel behavior
seems bad.

You can probably look at the code:
~/NetBSD-current/src/sys > egrep accept_rtadv */*.c

and maybe this will become clearer.

  > > fe80::f00b:a4ff:fe00:4dd2%tap0 f2:0b:a4:00:4d:d2 UHL 0 0 - lo0
  > This one seems wrong.  I have no such entry but instead have an ND cache
  > entry.   I suspect this and the missing cloning route are related.

  I see "UHL... lo0" routes for all IPv6 addresses that the system has,
  and "UHLc" for ND (+arp) cache entries:

Sorry, I see those too, which makes sense.

  > Note that you are doing this on sparc64, which is LP64, and big endian.
  > I predict that this will turn out to matter (but mine works).

  Can't test on anything else, but this morning's test hint at "autohost"
  side effects...

I withdraw my prediction :-)

  Does this system has IPv6 on another interface, with incoming router
  advertisements?  How is "ip6mode" set?  (Just cross-checking).

The system is an IPv6 router, with ip6mode=router.  (That's all it
does, basically.)

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