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Re: Problems (panics) with using my uvideo... Help please..

Hrmn, uvideo selects the same endpoint / format / whatever each time -
anyone know if uvideo makes any decisions based on the bus speed?

One thing to try with ehci, is to remove the patch I attached before,
then on the line:

+                           (trans_count % 64 == 0 && trans_count != 0))

Change 64 to 16, and apply again. I've still little idea whats causing
this fault, reducing the amount of data sent between interrupts might
make a difference.

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 1:57 AM, Martin S. Weber <> 
> The 'handing over' message can be seen e.g. on dmesg.V, just before
> the attaching of the uvideo. I assume  that it's referring to the
> camera, but you never know....

If you follow the uhci2 -> usbx -> uhubx messages, it looks like
that's your usb mouse.


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