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Re: Problems (panics) with using my uvideo... Help please..


On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 10:47:10PM +0100, Jeremy Morse wrote:
> (...) Also, can you
> upload the device descriptors? (I think usbutil can dump them).

Everything is uploaded now, have fun looking through it :)

The 'handing over' message can be seen e.g. on dmesg.V, just before
the attaching of the uvideo. I assume  that it's referring to the
camera, but you never know....

The last two photos are from me getting impatient on the hang and
hitting ctrl+alt+esc. So it's not fully locked up after all. I had
hoped to reveal some interesting information from the bt's there.
Maybe I was lucky with that although I doubt it.

Will try continue'ing on the NMI once I don't need the computer
anylonger (might only happen tomorrow evening [EST]).



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